Ask The Merlin

Sunday 20th June -


The Magicians Tower

The Magicians Tower is both a sacred space and an allegory for the raising of energy similar to the Witches Cone of Power! It is a blessed space holistically balanced by elemental energy earth, air, fire, water and spirit as well as being charged with the masculine and feminine polarities of energy that are primary in our Universe. If the Magicians Tower has manifest about you it may be that you are being put on guard to protect and rebalance yourself! Bringing yourself in to a state harmony and equilibrium. Alternately you might be being alerted to the fact that you need to raise your energy now, lifting your vibration and increasing your light quotient in order to manifest or simply move in greater states of grace and flow. Either way be open to the protective and healing forces that gather to you now and make the most of what they have to offer.