Ask The Merlin

Monday 8th August -


The Mirror

The Mirror is one of the sacred symbols of Elen of the Ways the Horned Goddess and Green Woman who guards the crossroads and all those who journey internally on the Spirit roads and externally in life! Other symbols are the Comb, Sea Shells and Keys! As the Mirror has come to you today it indicates that Elen is watching you, guiding you, steering you towards and important choice or decision. She is asking you to look within, to see what needs to be changed in your life in order to help your movement forwards on the path. She reminds you that you are never truly alone but rather that she is always near, watching over you and guiding you and that no matter how lost you feel you only need to call her name in order to petition her help. Remember Elen is the mistress of the hidden and Holy Ways and there is no better guide than she!