Ask The Merlin

Tuesday 21st May -


The Swan

The Swan is an alchemical symbol of purity and cleansing but it can also mean grace and flow, it is one of the totem forms of Elen of the Ways and also the totem Animal of Avalon where the Priestesses of the Earth the female Druids had their mystery school. The Native Americans believed that the Swan was transformed by the Void the Great Mystery into its beautiful form by learning the lesson of surrender and is now one of the guardians of our dreams. If this enchanted creature has floated into your life open yourself to many blessings that it brings, look to see if anything including yourself needs to be cleansed at this moment in time or whether or not you need to increase your grace and flow through acceptance, surrender and trust. Maybe a trip to Glastonbury is called for or at least a little research into the ancient ways of Druidism! What ever it may be the Swans magick is upon you, use it wisely and well!