Ask The Merlin

Saturday 9th December -


The Familiar Spirit

The Familiar Spirit or Totem/Power Animal is a guide of sorts, which holds an animal form and represents that species mystical power, sometimes referred to as its medicine. It might be an insect or a bird, a mammal or a fish, an extinct creature or a creature of myth and legend. Call your totem to you now and keep a look out for it as it makes itself known to you. It might come in dreams or as words from another personís mouth, in posters or billboards or as an advertisement on the television. What ever it is it will present itself over and over again until you recognise and claim it, once this is done look up its spiritual power or meaning and begin to work with it. Totem Animals are powerful forces which when worked with can literally transform a persons life and path, do not underestimate it, it is time to open yourself to your Familiar Spirits power!