Ask The Merlin

Saturday 26th September -


The Fairy Queen

Many a Magician has sought the knowledge of the Fairy Folk or at least a Fairy Familiar to help them with their work. The Fairy Folk and particularly the Fairy Queen hold much ancient and powerful magick which they inherited directly from their Mother the Earth. Not only do they command the power of glamoury the ability to cast powerful illusions but they can also travel between the dimensions, ride on and draw from the power of the Lay Lines of the Earth and read the secret signs of nature. Theirs is also the power of the compelling word, the magick of song and poem and story. Reach out now as the Fairy Queen draws near, her magickal gifts are stretched forth just for you, take advantage of this moment for it will not last long and remember to leave an offering as a sign of your gratitude for this kindness, for the Fairy folk appreciate good manners above all!