Ask The Merlin

Saturday 24th February -



An enchantment is an act of magick, a spell or working of some kind either placed upon a person, an object or a person by a witch, wizard or magick user. Although there many believe that magick does not exist or that you need many years of teaching and practice to get it to work for you it is actually all around us and many people tap into it all the time without ever being aware that they are doing so. For a wish is magick and so is a prayer, a curse however contemporary or ancient is magick as is an evil glare and an ill word! Magick then is neither light nor dark but simply energy waiting to be directed by someone thoughts and feelings and can be used for either healing and blessing or harm and entrapment its force being only as light or dark as the will of the person who wields it. Be cautious then now for you have gathered powerful energy to you and maybe directing it unconsciously on those about you. Make sure that your thoughts are positive ones and not harmful and try to act accordingly. You are more powerful than you might think, act now to ensure that your magick comes only from a place of love and light!