Ask The Merlin

Thursday 3rd December -


The Magicians Cloak

The Magicians Cloak or Mantle is both a sign of their authority and power as well as a garment of protection and strength. Perceived now in its rather fairy tale contemporary form of stars and moons it was in more likely in ancient times to have been made from skins and feathers. It was both magickal camouflage and an obvious sign of wisdom and power, imbued with the Magicians strength and carrying signs of their particular expertise and speciality. The Magicians Cloak comes to you either to hide you or heal you! To either cast a veil of invisibility upon you so that no one may find you (including the darkness) or because you need to withdraw into your own power and light for healing and strength. Either way call your cloak to you now and rest within its folds of power!