Ask The Merlin

Friday 23rd August -


The Horned God

The Horned God is Cernunnos and Herne, Pan and Loki, he is the God of the Wildwood, hunter and hunted, the god of beasts and man whose symbols are the serpent and the torc. He is the witches God and the Pagan God whose youthful face is that of the Sun and whose ancient face is that of the wise sage. He is power and potency, fertility and strength, cunning, wisdom, song, dance and power. If the Horned God has strode into your life today he brings you a reminding of the power of nature and your need for it. Not matter the season – he says –take yourself outside today and marvel at the wonder of nature acknowledging that you are part of this miracle! Breathe it in – he says – and lets its power bless you. Friend of nature and the animal kingdom he also reminds you of the healing power of plants, herbs and flowers and the wisdom and magick of the animal kingdom.