Saturday 13th July -


Esbat is a word that means Ďminor celebrationí, but don't be fooled by the word Ďminorí. Esbats are important to witches and the craft, and we love to celebrate them.

Esbats involve the moon and her phases. Some witches celebrate each of the moons phases - from waxing, to full and waning to new, whilst others just celebrate the full moon.

Full moon esbats are very important as the moon is at her peak, and her magical energies are more potent now than at any other time of the month. This means that your request has a much better chance of being granted.

Though there are only 12 calendar months in each year, there are 13 full moons. This means that 1 month of the year gets 2 full moon esbats. The second full moon in known as the blue moon. This makes it a very powerful full moon and a very powerful month.

January is the time of the Wolf Moon
The name comes from the time of year, a time when wolves would run close to habitation looking for food. This is a month to protect your own and make sure they don't go without. Think of others and ask if they need help. If you have an altar, place pictures of family and friends on it, dress it in burgundy and place apples on it; perhaps try to mend rifts with those who you know you should be talking to!

February is the time of the Storm Moon
What a marvellous month for love! A time for self love and also to find and bind your love. Forgive yourself under the full storm moon for not being perfect, and rejoice in just being you. Take time to meditate this month and pamper yourself just a little, the months of warmth and play are still a little way ahead. Place shades of blue on your alter for this month, try using a small quilt as an alter cloth to invoke the true spirit of winter.

March is the time of the Chaste Moon
Light and dark are balanced in the month of March and now is the time for new beginnings, any projects you wanted to start, well this is the month for them. Now is the time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Remember the child of yesterday, and perhaps do something that you havenít done in years - and when you laugh out loud, stop and think just how much better you feel for doing it. Adorn your altar with white this month and place white candles on it to signify purity and innocence.

April is the time of the Seed Moon
This is a time to believe in you. You started your new venture, now have faith that all will be well. Self confidence and self belief are riding high this month, and you should be on the top of that wave. The spring is here and if those bulbs can get through the cold of the snow and the frost to appear in all their beauty for you to see, then you my friend can do the same. A month for covering your alter in greens and some of the flowers that are starting to appear for all to see. Remember, always ask permission before you cut flowers, and never take more than you truly need as they are happiest in the open.

May is the time of the Hare Moon
This is the time to use your psychic ability, if you donít think you have it then you are wrong. I believe that we all have some psychic ability, whether itís being able to read the tarot cards or knowing when your mum is going to turn up and your house is a mess. So take this time to practice trying new things or packs of cards, join a circle and just let yourself go with the flow. Also a very good month for fertility, look at nature - love is in the air. Dress your altar for this month in gold and silver; add a small statue of a hare if you have one or a picture if not.

June is the time of the Mead Moon
A good month to look at how far you have come in the year so far. This is a time to see the birth of all those seeds you have planted. A time to look at nature working hard and to follow suit. Now is not the time to rest, you must keep going. Look at the first 6 months of the year and perhaps change a few things that arenít working and bring in some new things you havenít had time to try yet. Cover your altar in oranges, yellows and ambers this month and think of honey; perhaps place a few feathers on your alter for this full moon.

July is the time of the Wort Moon
Go for it, prosperity spells, wealth spells and any success you may wish to gain in the second half of this year - now is the time to bring it up front and centre. But make sure you are also starting to prepare for the colder months ahead. This month is as much about looking forward as it is backwards. Wort translated from Anglo-Saxon means herb, and now is the time to smell, pick and place fresh herbs on your altar for this full moon with a cloth of deep orange. More... >