Saturday 13th July -


August is the time of the Barley Moon
This is a month to gather your harvest, to reflect on what you have done so far, and thank the appropriate people - people in the background, those who support you, work with you, or just understand that you are who you are. The Harvest proves a very important point - that every year the barley grows from seed to kernel that will feed and nourish us throughout the year and we must thank the land for all that we have received. Your full moon alter should be dressed in yellow and gold with some harvest fruits and seeds, perhaps a few photos of family here and gone.

September is the time of the Wine Moon
Once again, dark and light are balanced so this is an excellent month for meditation. It is said that wine was an aid to getting in touch with spirit, so this is the month you need to do all your connection work. Obviously we donít expect you to drink to use your cards or channel, but if you need to brush up on your skills or maybe dedicate a little more time, then do it now. Your altar this month should be covered in purple and lavender, try purple candles and perhaps some dried lavender flowers too.

October is the time of the Blood Moon
In ancient times hunting was a necessity, nowadays the only place we have to chase our meat is to the nearest supermarket - but that doesnít mean we can't give thanks for it, even the vegetables we eat have their lives cut short. So now is a time to give thanks for the hunt. Your cloth for this month should be red, scarlet or brown. Give thanks for all you have received and place autumn leaves and perhaps a pumpkin on your altar too.

November is the time of the Snow Moon
Mother earth is now at peace, she has given us food and warmth during the past year and she wishes to rest under a blanket of whitest snow. Take time to finish things that you have been meaning to do for the past few months, (filing all the paperwork in my house)! Since the nights are longer now, we spend more time in the house and we should be preparing for the coldest months. A good covering for your alter is a warm blanket and onions, carrots and vegetables that grow under the ground for this full moon month.

December is the time of the Oak Moon
Though we think of December as a dark month, it is also the time of the returning of the sun. A very special month in many ways, and we ask you to remember those who have less than you. Try to organise a meal with loved ones and ask that everyone brings something so it doesnít all fall on your head. A time to be with the ones we love, to get ready for the new years arrival and the start of the cycle again. Cover your altar in white and yellow to represent spirit, and the coming of the sun for this full moon celebration.

Blue Moon
This is the month that has two full moons that we will use for our wishes. It falls in a different month each year but it is a very powerful moon. The blue moon is always the second of the full moons in the corresponding month. We need to write down aims and goals for the up and coming year. Place them in an envelope and donít look at them until the next blue moon. Dress your blue moon alter in the colours that correspond to the month it falls into, and place flowers and fruits from that month, also place pictures of things you would like in your life. Stay real here, and keep it down to earth. < Previous