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Thursday 21st June -


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Return Of The Christ - £FREE

A One Day – pass along – Workshop with Edwin Courtenay 2017 is the year of the return of the Christ – not just the masculine Christ – the Christos Energy known as the Passion – nor just the feminine Christ – the Sophia known as the Wisdom – nor just the Cosmic Christ – the bridging presence known as the Cosmic Ascended Master Maitreya but rather all these presences and more! The energy of this year begins now – breaking through earlier than usual because in part of our worlds need for it and partly because of its need to fully ground and anchor itself here, so that in 2017 – when the energy is in full bloom – it might play its vital role within the Earths Ascension.

Throughout this one day workshop we will explore:–

  • The true nature of the Christ Energy in all its various polarities and forms and how we can work with them for our own ascension and for the planets
  • The true nature of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy – Jaweh and Shekina – and their relationship to the Christ Energy and to us
  • The Holy Family of Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene and the Master Jesus and their TWO children Sarah and James and the new energies of the combined Christ force that these lesser known Ascended Masters hold for humanity now including....the healing power of the Christ force – patronised by James the son of the Master Jesus who returns this miraculous healing power to us now

This promises to be not only a powerful day full of meditations, live trance channellings, experiential exercises, techniques and methods for applying the power of the Christ force in its totality but also a day of initiation where – through the grace of the masters – we will become attuned to the power of the Return of the Christ.

Date:Sunday 29th January 2016
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Cambo Village Hall
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