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Thursday 21st June -


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The Blessing Waters - 60

The magical world has always recognised water as being the Universal Conductor, a body and substance that conducts psychical energy and which therefore can be used to convey it and manipulate it in many different ways. This ancient knowledge has been verified and examined more recently through the wondrous work of Dr Emoto who has proven how intention can shape and change the very nature of water itself. In this exciting one day workshop we will explore how to use water to heal and bless, to cleanse and encourage flow, grace and protection. From looking at the power of the oceans and seas to rivers streams and wells to the domestic shower and bath and simple drinking tap water. We will learn how to cleanse water, charge it with our intent and apply it magically for healing the self and the land, healing others and space and concocting simple and yet powerful vibrational water for every occasion.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops in 2017 will have a closing date which will usually be a week before the workshop. After that date you will no longer be able to book a place.

Date:Sunday 19th March
Time:10pm - 5pm
Location:Cambo Village Hall
Closing Date:Sunday 12th