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Thursday 21st June -


Courteny Chronicle


The Conjuring - 60

Working with the spirits of home and land.
We are at all times surrounded by Spirits, invisible to most but watching, benign and helpful, guiding and loving. This one day workshop explores these unseen friends, the Spirits of the land and the spirits of the home, Devas and Elementals whom we have always lived with side by side but never maybe known or recognised. The workshop identifies who these Spirits are and where they reside and how we can better align ourselves to them and honour them, petition their aid and work with their wisdom and power for our own well being and the well being of others, for the healing of our home and community and the healing other peoples homes and work places. This promises to be an enlightening, loving and gentle workshop but non the less powerful and potent.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops in 2017 will have a closing date which will usually be a week before the workshop. After that date you will no longer be able to book a place.

Date:Sunday 7th May
Time:10pm - 5pm
Location:Cambo Village Hall
Closing Date:Sunday 30th April