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Thursday 21st June -


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Transference Healing - 60

This one day workshop focuses on the ancient Atlantean practice of Transference Healing, the ability to attune the vibrational energy system of the human body so that it can become a conductor and transmitter of the vibrational essence and energy of the world about it. Through energetic attunement all those in attendance will be initiated into this ancient healing system and taught simple and yet powerful methods for channelling crystal, plant, colour and sound energy into themselves, others and the world about them. This practice dispenses with the need for ingesting remedies and conveys instead a direct transfusion of vibrational healing light. All those who attend will also be taught how to pass this system of healing onto others!

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops in 2017 will have a closing date which will usually be a week before the workshop. After that date you will no longer be able to book a place.

Date:Sunday 5th March
Time:10pm - 5pm
Location:Cambo Village Hall
Closing Date:Sunday 26th February