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Thursday 21st June -


Courteny Chronicle


The Shamans Path - 60

This one day workshop explores the true nature of shamanism not as a religious or spiritual path but rather as a profound spiritual practice. Focusing on the ways of shamanism rather than any specific cultural shamanic path. The Shaman was the Medicine Man and Woman of the tribe, a medium, healer and oracle whose power came from their connection to their ancestors and the spirit world. From their ability to walk between this reality and those planes where these beings resided, acting as messenger and lightning rod carrying the wisdom and power of the otherworld in this physical reality. This workshop focuses on the basic practices and how to incorporate them into your spiritual path for personal healing, empowerment and guidance.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops in 2017 will have a closing date which will usually be a week before the workshop. After that date you will no longer be able to book a place.

Date:Sunday 9th April
Time:10pm - 5pm
Location:Cambo Village Hall
Closing Date:Sunday 2nd