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Thursday 21st June -


Courteny Chronicle


The Way Of The Wizard - £60

This one day workshop explores the practice and world view of the Wizard, a magical being open to the realms of Gods and Goddesses, Angels and Fairies, the Spirits of the Land and the shining Saints who guide us all from the heavenly realm. Written through Edwin by his magical teacher - the Spirit of the Merlin himself – as well as Blaise who is Merlin’s own teacher. The workshop offers practical magical solutions to the challenges of our every day, opportunities for profound inner healing and empowerment and direction as to how we might comfortably merge the many diverse spiritual pathways and practices that we feel drawn to and yet struggle with integrating and balancing.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops in 2017 will have a closing date which will usually be a week before the workshop. After that date you will no longer be able to book a place.

Date:Sunday 12th February
Time:10pm - 5pm
Location:Cambo Village Hall
Closing Date:Sunday 5th