Tuesday 23rd October -


Courteny Chronicle


SpiritLight Aura Portrait - £30

Aura Portraits are Edwin Courtenay’s unique digital psychic art interpretations of what he sees clairvoyantly around a person. Digitally painted over a photograph of the individual they can contain deep information concerning the persons Soul Ancestry, Star Lineage, their past lives, their elemental connections, inner magic and psychical and spiritual potential. The portrait may reveal which Ascended Masters and Archangels are over lighting the person, patterns concerning their spiritual connections, life purpose and destiny. The colours provide an intimate glimpse into their Soul energy as revealed by the causal body or spiritual aura – that part of the auric field which changes only very slowly over a period of the persons life (rather than the mental, emotional or etheric aura which is changing constantly). Symbols clairvoyantly seen in the aura provide an archetypal understanding of the persons Soul Nature, soul contract and Ascension Plan. This is a POWERFUL in depth look into the persons spiritual make up which can provide deep and potent insight into the individuals reason for being on Earth! The Aura Portrait comes with a 500 word interpretation both of which are emailed directly to your inbox. After ordering please send me a photo that I can use to create the portrait using my email.

Please email your photo to edwin@edwincourtenay.co.uk.