Tuesday 23rd October -


Courteny Chronicle


Spiritual Teacher Mandala - 30

Guide, Guardian Angel or Spiritual Teacher Mandala

Edwin Courtenay - internationally renowned spiritual teacher and channel - offers for the first time bespoke 'power mandalas' created using his unique clairvoyant and channelling abilities of your guide, guardian angel or spiritual teacher/master!

Created using digital art in an over shadowed light trance state Edwin paints what he is shown incorporating real life sampled textures and images combined with powerful spiritual symbols and channelled light language and codes. The result is a multi layered, multi textured mandala representative of your guiding presence, packed full with symbols and colour energy that helps attune you to your guide and your guide to you!

The mandala is emailed to your inbox with a 500 word interpretation which reveals information encoded into the image concerning your guiding presence, your relationship/connection to them and any message that they hold for you at this time as well as information as to how you might use the mandala in your spiritual practice. Edwin is open to other commissions - should you want a mandala created for a specific purpose or function - please email him.

Please email your photo to edwin@edwincourtenay.co.uk.