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SpiritLight Totem Animal Portrait - 30

Totem animals or Familiar spirits are powerful spiritual presences and guides often awarded shamans and witches, magic users and travelers in the astral and spiritual realms to help them with their magical and healing work. Each animal has a different power, magic or medicine as it is sometimes known a power which reveals much about the person the animal has become connected too as well as offering assistance with their path. Edwin Courtenay uses his psychical digital art skills to create stunning portraits of Totem Animals unique to each person in regards to the colours, symbols, crystals and animals used. Each portrait is delivered to your inbox with an interpretation and codex of 500 words detailing guidance that the Totem might offer and revealing the nature and power of the totems magic. You may request a specific Totem animal after ordering via email or leave this open so that Edwin can find that animal which desires to come to you. Once completed the digital image plus interpretation will be emailed directly to your Inbox. If you would like your image as a box canvas please email Ed for a quote.

Here is an example of Edwin's Totem Owl.

Please email your requests to edwin@edwincourtenay.co.uk.